What it Takes to be a Professional Gambler


For most of us, gambling is a simple past-time. We view it as something we do for entertainment in our spare time. For a select few, it’s much more. They are the ones with a talent for gambling that allows them to win regularly. In this article we will highlight a few attribute requirements for professional gamblers. These traits are what distinguish them from the rest of the world who either lose from gambling or make a small profit.

Expert Knowledge in Several Games
Gambling by it’s very nature is volatile and risky. In most games, you are at the mercy of the house edge. However, the edge can be reduced in some forms of gambling through expert knowledge. For instance, in sports betting, an expert in football and tennis will be better placed to identify a long-term profitable wager. Certainly more so than someone with a fleeting interest. Professional gamblers have expert knowledge in the games they choose to play. It’s impossible to become a professional poker player if you are merely a beginner.

Strong Mentality
The ups and downs of professional gambling could resemble a rollercoaster. To ride the wave of emotions takes a mentally strong personality. You can’t be a professional gambler if you get over-excited with a win or depressed with a losing session. That will be a recipe for disaster. A pro needs to be level headed in order to make wise decisions that will help their ROI in the long-term.

Large Bankroll
As stated before, there are ups and downs that cannot be ignored. Therefore, a pro needs to have a sufficient bankroll behind them to sustain the volatility. Online gambling in Malaysia, UK or anywhere else for that matter requires the pro to be sensible with bankroll management. Most experts advocate for 50 + buy-ins to play their favourite game. It’s also advisable to have a 6 month personal emergency fund for living. There may be times when a pro is losing so they need separate finances to ensure they can pay bills and eat without worrying about where the money will come from.

Image Source: Unsplash