Understanding the Basics of Tennis Betting – Different Betting Lines and Odds Available


Tennis is a popular sport people bet on. During the major tennis tournaments, a large number of gambling enthusiasts go into frenzy mode. When it comes to sports betting, tennis has different variables involved since it is an individual sport. The game’s result is solely dependent on the 2 players involved in the game. Once you learn the tennis betting basics, you’ll find it engaging.

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Betting lines in Tennis:

The two main lines are match odds and in-play odds. Match odds refer to analyzing a basic line to predict the winner. When a strong player like Federer is playing against an un-ranked player, Federer has high chances of winning and you can place your bet before the beginning of the match.

If he is playing against a tougher player, it is trickier to predict the result as things could go either way in which case it makes sense to wait until the match begins and place the bet after considering the in-play odds.

Different ways of betting:

  • Two-way betting: Two-way bet is used on sports that have two outcomes – there could be a winner and loser and no chances of tie. You can bet on a player to wither win or lose the game.
  • Correct score betting: It involves guessing the final score of the tennis match. To improve your chances of winning, rather on betting on a particular value, spread the bet.
  • Odd/ even betting: This betting has nothing to do with taking the competency of the player into consideration. You have to predict if the total number of games that would be played is an odd or even number.
  • Over/ under betting: The better doesn’t have to guess the match winner. He/ she predict if the total number of games played would be below or above a particular number.
  • Prop bets: The sportsbook may suggest a particular event like – which round a player would be eliminated/ which player would last longest. The better wagers on what outcome they think will happen.

Stay patient and check out different betting lines before placing a bet. Find betting lines that have better value so that you end up winning more.