The Best Platform to play Ethereum casino online


Why should one consider online Ethereum casinos? One of the main reasons to play the best Ethereum casino is the anonymity provided hence safeguarding the privacy of the gamblers engaging in online gambling.

The main types of Ethereum casinos are exclusive Ethereum casinos and the second one is Hybrid Ethereum Casino. Exclusive Ethereum casinos only support Ethereum as the mode of payment while the Hybrid Ethereum Casino supports both Ethereum and traditional currencies. Besides, you are likely to find multiple cryptocurrencies in hybrid casinos.

Here you will learn the best online casinos that support Ethereum payments and get tips on how to play online gambling well with sites that offer personal privacy, user experience and bonuses offered.

Here are 5 Major things to consider the best online Ethereum casinos that will help you to emerge as a good online gambler:

  • Payment methods– In any online casino the payment method is the crucial thing to consider since this is where you deposit your money. In order to save time you need to find a suitable site where the payment is made quickly, and effectively and keep records of your deposits as future reference if there is a need to retrieve them.
  • Bonuses offered– Bonuses offered by the sites tend to attract more customers this creates a special kind of bond between the servers in the online casinos and the clients on the other end. Upon joining any online casino many clients are welcomed with huge bonuses upon their first deposits and offered a chance to gamble for free after completing the registration process.
  • Privacy criteria– Many online gamblers prefer to keep their personal information and activity private on their gambling accounts. As a client, you need to trust the sites when giving out such crucial information without fear of it leaking out.
  • Security features-Clients need to be assured that the sites are well protected and can’t be breached. Online casinos need to use the latest security measures since hackers too continue to look for ways to modify their tools of work in order to gain funds from customers of these online casinos. A good example of an improvised security feature is 2- factor authentication. Another crucial thing is that online gambling sites have undergone proper auditing. A proper audit has to ensure that there are no loopholes and bugs.
  • Customer care- In any online service you tend to get services you may need to enquire on how to use their site well. Frustrations arise when there is poor customer care service. Many unanswered emails or rude conversations with the servers may lead to customer mistrust. Gamblers love fast-responding customer care.

RocketPot-The best platform for Ethereum Casino

RocketPot is an e-gaming casino that allows payments in cryptocurrencies.RocketPot allows multiple types of cryptocurrencies like BitCoin, Ethereum, Binance coin, Ripple, and Tether Cardano. The site has its licence from Curacao egaming authority in the year 2019 and has undergone the necessary audits.

RocketPot has over 3000 casino games and 400 live table games sourced from 56 providers. You can play these games anywhere, anytime thus removing boredom from clients using RocketPot.

RocketPot provides healthy gambling and is programmed to provide a good platform for mental health. A good gambler knows when to start and where to stop. The gambler should not invest more than he/she can afford. This helps the client not to get into debts that can not be paid.

The platform keeps all records of clients properly and does not allow third parties to get in contact with your personal data. As an online gambler, you are not supposed to share your personal details with anyone to avoid the risks of online frauding from hackers

The platform also boasts bonuses they offer to their clients which include the welcoming bonus and the deposit bonus.

Customer care service is enabled throughout hence delivering a quick service to clients. The platform’s customer care service is available at any time of the day and quick responses to matters arising or complaints raised by the customer.

Any e-gambler needs to be assured of the safety of his/her personal details and funds. To ensure this protocol is observed the platform has put in place 2-factor authentication to prevent unwanted logins.

The platform has put in place the use of cutting-edge technology that enables users to view high-quality images as if they were sitting around an actual casino table.RocketPot has made it possible for users to enhance each one of their gaming experiences at a live casino.

Tips for Responsible Gambling

Never gamble under the influence of alcohol and drugs– This could result in one making wrong judgements when gambling.

Gamble for fun not as a way of living– Take gambling to be fun activity since more money is spent than money being made by the gambler. However, enjoy the fact that you can earn as you play.

Do not chase losses– Do not try to get the money that you have already lost by gambling with more money this often leads to more losses.

Only gamble with money you can afford to lose- Never gamble with money set aside for other dues like rent, food, and school fees. Set a limit to the money that you will gamble with after sorting the basic necessities first.

Take a break– If gambling is no longer fun then take a break from it.

Do not gamble when angry, depressed or upset– The human brain can not function properly when not in a good state hence it will lead to poor judgement.

Set a time limit-Set limit to the time that you are supposed to use when gambling and when your time elapses quit gambling.

Never gamble to impress other people– Gambling should be for your fun and not other people the more you intend to impress people you may gather losses in order to show people you can make it.

Seek help– When you are not familiar with the game being played or when trying to play a new game seek help by enquiring about the rules of the game.

After reading the above guidelines you are now set to start an online Ethereum casino and never forget to use the tips for responsible gambling. Irresponsible gambling leads to marriage failures, debts and even depression. Make sure you are on the safe side.